John David, from boy to man






Music feeds my soul

Music was always a great love of mine and as a child I was a boy soprano. I won a few awards at an early age. In my teens I sang with a few local amateur bands until securing a job with a professional group from Hull. As well as gigs in Britain, I toured the continent and Scandinavia from 1968-1972.


My family inspiration

In April 1972 I met my wife Monika in Hamburg at the famous Top Ten Club and after a few months living together in England, we returned to Germany. We married in January 1973. I did quite a lot of singing as a backing vocalist in and around the studios of Hamburg. I developed a vocal problem and had to take 6 months off from singing. In that time, driven by despair, I started writing songs.


My composer/producer years












Spirituality 1993


I came back to England in 1993 with Monika, our daughter Tanja and son Timothy. We (Monika, Tanja & I) started spiritual healing and also joined a meditation group in East Yorkshire in 1994, which sat for physical medium-ship. One evening the main medium was ill and I was asked to sit in the corner and that’s when Calling Bear (a Lakota Sioux Shaman) introduced himself. Now, after many years of sitting different guides have followed suite, including Isaak a Jewish rabbi, who passed to the spirit world 2000 years ago



In 2003 we travelled to Abadiania in Brazil to see John of God and also sat in the current room at the Casa. This was a most amazing journey. In 2012, we went to Vienna to see Joao once again taking friends/healers with us for the moment.


Hornsea Healers

We are a dedicated group of healers who lay hands every Friday from 2:00-4:00pm at the Town Hall, Newbegin in Hornsea, East Yorkshire. We are all members of the LDHA and everyone is welcome. If you wish to have healing, or become a healer, then just pop in and have a chat and collect an application form.

Born in Winterton, North Lincolnshire in 1948. I was the 4th child, 3rd son of Charles & Hilda Mary Parker. We were 3 boys and 3 girls. In my early childhood we moved around North Lincolnshire with my father working as a farm labourer, steel-erecter and eventually as an electrician’s mate on the steelworks in Scunthorpe. There I finished my schooling in 1963. After working 1 year as an apprentice butcher I went to the steelworks as a stock-taker.

RCA records heard one of my demos for an artist of theirs and so liked my voice that they offered me a recording contract. So, after thinking that my singing career was over, I actually started as a recording artist. I worked in the discothèques of Germany for a few years still writing songs and in 1978 recorded and produced a single with a 16-year-old Spanish girl, Luisa Fernandes and it was a hit around the world. After writing and producing many artists, I had a No.1 hit in the USA in 1983/4 with my arrangement and production of an Irvine Berlin song "Puttin' on the Ritz" with a Dutch artist called Taco. That was the highlight of my career. I am the proud owner of platinum, gold and silver records.