Here are some comments from people who have attended my workshops:


Richard Mack, sound healer

An inspiring introduction to trance mediumship with beautiful energies, with philosophy that was well understood within myself, wonderful music. Calling Bear's energy was felt right through to cellular level with a logical understanding that brought some touching emotions.


 Joyce Carey

A very emotional and uplifting experience. I trully felt I was in the presence of John David's guides and John David's singing and the words made me cry


Maureen Allsop

Always done with love and care

(second visit)- Isaak was very caring & wonderful. Take care of John David for us.


Sian Jones

Today has inspired me as I have previously been in trance but get frightened. you have given me confidence to progress spiritually


Mervyn Boliver

A very good day, very inspiring guides. The transfiguration was tremendous. Great experience

(second visit)- As usual a wonderful experience and evidence from John David's guides. The music is a good upliftment too.


Pam Gallimore

Excellent day!! Really enjoyed it. Would love to come again


Susan Moss

Very positive and reassuring


May Ann

You inspired me as you went into trance, you have awakened the power hidden inside me! You have given me confidence to progress spiritually and shown me my real world!


Grace West

Happy refreshing day! People happy and I felt the Spiritual love and feeling together. Hope for the future if we work together.


T Foxwell

I found the day very good and enjoyed it very much the only difficulty was not hearing all of the trance talk but that was my problem, I expect Spirit will tell me later


Maureen McGrath

Excellent day will be back; excellent to everyone thank you


E Hall

The day was very entertaining, the Spirit in body/levels, meditation was relaxing the colours were nothing like on the Earth plain but a lot more colourful, a lot could be learned



A wonderful day, Isaak was most interesting and also Calling Bear. The day has been inspiring we enjoyed it very much. Thank you


Janet Davis

Very Enjoyable


Pat Black

I really enjoyed every aspect of the day and found it tremendously emotional when Calling Bear came through- especially listening to him speaking in his own language and watching his actions.



An excellent day. I am very glad I came. Many thanks & God bless.


Sue Osbourn

Very interesting; loved the music. Very enjoyable day.


Justin Johnson

A most enlightening demonstration of trance. Many thanks.


Sylvia Collins

A valued and most fulfilling day, extremely enlightening. I very much enjoyed the whole session, very genuine.



Fantastic day, thank you. A day of learning and meeting new friends. God bless.


Casper Johnson

Thank you.


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