Kim & Trevor Cattermole

Kim and Trevor are working Mediums, engaged with rostrum work, running meditation circles, their own Spiritual centre and healing groups, trance group sittings and finding more and more requests to do evenings of clairvoyance.


Trevor's trance sessions involve channelling philosphy and beautiful words from a higher source that capture the imagination and make us understand more deeply the meaning of our pathways upon this earth plain. For individuals there is often a thought or message to ponder upon.


Kim's trance includes channelling a variety of entities from different levels and stages of their spiritual journeys, from a doctor to a North American indian. She is an excellent clairvoyant, again from Kim there is often a few words for one or the other.

Kim has started a new spiritual centre in Maidstone called The Rose Of Magdalene. You can find them on facebook here


Quntin Smith









Ara Parisien, Ted Woodroffe, Nick Humphries & Nina Ashby Hallinger



Quintin has been a friend of John David since 2005, he has developed into an exceptional spiritual/psychic healer, being deeply overshadowed by Dr Alun Jones.

For information on Quintin visit his website here.

Quintin has his main clinic in Sibsey nr Boston in Lincolnshire. To book an appointment at the Lincolnshire clinic, please call 07968 781410 for appointments and directions.

Quintin also runs a monthly clinic within the Hornsea Healers clinic in Hornsea, East Riding of Yorkshire. To book an appointment or for further information, please call 01964 536918

Stars of Virtual Vision FM - do a web search and go listen to them online, you can find the Virtual Vision FM facebook page on our Links page.

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